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Why No One Talks About Careers Anymore

Critical Steps on How to Obtain Your W-2 Forms from Your Employer

It is important for you to know and understand that some things in life force us to change, it is as good as a rest thus the need for you to change your work as well as your ultimate lifestyle. According to research, it has been found that it is wise for you to change your job at least once in three to five years. By this practice, you find that it becomes easy for you to brand yourself as well as gain internal consulting skills which are indispensable in every business or organization. This article gives you better insight on the different ways in which you can obtain the W-2 forms from your past employers when you need them.

The most favorable place to get your W-2 form is from the payroll department of the company that you were working for previously. In line with the rules of the W-2 forms and filing, you will get to see that every employer is needed to have the forms in the right manner by January 31 every year. For those who are far from where they used to work, it is possible for you to call the departments or even send them mails to make the enquiries. In efforts to prevent the instances of sending the credentials to the wrong recipients, all workers are advised to update their critical information as soon as they move into their new workplaces.

If you make the calls and emails to your previous employers and they are not responding, you are then advised to go to IRS by using the ‘Get Transcript’ tool. As you go to the IRS offices, they will require you to have the employer’s identification number so that they can scheme through and get the needed information. If you do not have the employer identification number off-head, you can always find it on the last pay stub that you received from the company. After having all the correct information, the IRS will then send a reminder notice to your previous employer, who will then send you W-2.

After getting them from the IRS and the payroll department, you need to have them now in copies for future reference. It is possible for you to work on the same if you have a great estimate of the wages that you have earned over the stipulated period by reviewing your paychecks. With this kind of information at hand, you are better placed to go about the W-2 forms as you transit or rather change your jobs.

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