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What Has Changed Recently With ?

All about Celebrities that have Worn Braces

Wearing braces can benefit in very many ways. Various celebrities have worn braces. Gwen Stefani is one those celebrities that have worn braces. Braces have played a major role in the music career of Gwen Stefani. She has always wanted to have braces since she was young. In her adult life, she just went ahead and go the braces. With the help of the braces she was able to regain her beautiful smile.

Nicolas Cage is also another celebrity who has taken advantage of braces. He is an actor that has acted very many action movies. He regained his beautiful smile by getting braces. He however used braces on his lower teeth. In this case, no one actually noticed his braces. Faith Hill is another celebrity that has worn braces. She is a famous country musician that proudly wore braces to better her smile. Faith also wore braces when she was younger. She then wore them when she was older because she had failed to wear her retainer as prescribed by her dentist. Another celebrity who wore braces is Delta Goodrem. She however decided to wear braces after she was diagnose with cancer. In this case, she was able to keep her beautiful smile while undergoing a tough time in her life.

Dwight Howard was also another celebrity who wore braces. He is a sports celebrity that plays basketball. He was able to better his smile by wearing braces. Another celebrity that wore braces is Justin Beiber. He wore the modern braces called Invisalign so as to have a better smile. Zac Efron is also another celebrity who wore braces. His braces were invisible and you could hardly see them. Zac Efron also used the modern braces like Justin Beiber. You would have gotten the same look when you wear these braces and the normal braces.

Tom Cruise has also worn braces. Tom cruise is one of the best actors in Nollywood who wore adult braces. His smile was affected by crossbite issues he was having. He used braces to handle this crossbiteissue. He is one of the most attractive actors in Nollywood. Another celebrity who used braces is Faye Dunaway. She wore braces at an old age and this proved that old people can also wear braces. She tried to wear braces when she saw the outcome of braces on the teeth of Tom Cruise. She wore braces while younger and she did not follow the instructions of her dentist. Her teeth ended up becoming crooked because of this. After wearing braces again as an adult she ended up looking even more beautiful. Wearing braces can also help get some extra courage. Braces are temporary and this means you can wear them for a short period of time.

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