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Understanding Writing

Different Ways of Structuring Your Story

What you are living in is becoming tougher for people every day including taking care of families and managing businesses and that can be very distressing and that is why people are looking for ways of relieving stress. Because of this, you find that many people are looking for different ways of being entertained such as listening to stories or reading them and also watching comedy. If you have specialized in writing great stories or even performing them by storytelling, then you leading to up your game because people depend on you and also need to be relevant to them, even as they pay you for their services or product. You can remain relevant in many ways for instance, by engaging the appropriate topics that people love but also following the rules of writing or performing your story. If you want your books to sell, you have to ensure that you follow the proper structure of writing the story and given here are some tips to help you follow the appropriate structure.

When it comes to writing service, it is like building a house because there is always a foundation to lay. You story therefore us to have an opening which is the foundation of the message you want to pass by.The introduction also called the exposition stage, is where you introduce the setting and the character of the story. The reason why you need to introduce the character and also the setting is because it gives the reader the background information of what you want to let them know.

After introducing your story, you have not moved to the main body of the story. The main body may contain many things but it is where you introduce the conflict of your story.What this means is that in this part of the story, it is why you call to action and also raising the action is introduce the crises of the story.

In the main body, it will be relevant of you not to conclude but build your story to a climax so that you can come to a point of giving the last solution or conclusion of your story. A good story will always have a conclusion because it is why you give a verdict of what happened to the main character especially after a lot of conflicts that introducing the body. Therefore, look at different examples of the greatest stories ever written so that you can be well-versed when it comes to structuring your story because it is important to note there are variations that you may find some of the stories don’t follow the above structure.

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