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Raincoat Buying Guide – How to Choose a High-Quality Raincoat

Selecting the best raincoat for the rainy season can be a daunting task, especially with so many options to choose from. Mackintosh, slicker, zip-up, compressible and disposable raincoats are some of the options that you can choose from. What follows is a raincoat buying guide that should help you choose a high-quality raincoat.

As discussed above, there is a wide variety of raincoats that you can go for. To choose the perfect raincoat that matches your style, it is of paramount importance that you know the kind of lifestyle you lead. For instance, if you like cycling or jogging, a short, cropped raincoat can be your best choice since you want to have enough space for to move your legs freely. The elongated raincoats can be ideal for persons who don’t lead an active lifestyle.

Raincoats are made from different materials like natural fibers which are treated with waterproofing substances. These type of raincoats are usually high-quality raincoats since they are waterproof. Due to their puffing up ability, these raincoats are able to inhibit any water from coming into contact with your clothes. The other type of raincoat is made from a synthetic material known as polyurethane. Even though this brand of raincoat offers a high level of waterproofing, it does not give any breathability. And that’s why you will find so many people sweating once they wear it.

The manner in which the raincoat has been made will not determine its appearance but also its durability.When buying the raincoat, you need to carefully look at its taped seams. Only buy raincoats whose seams have been taped on the inside to reduce the likelihood of water trickling through the seams thereby reducing rain protection. Zips also do not allow for water to get in, therefore you need to purchase a raincoat whose zips are also taped.

Apart from this, you need to also consider the size of the placket. A high placket has the advantage of locking away intense rain and keeping you much warmer and you need to seriously consider buying a raincoat that has a high placket. Since a high packet raincoat will always raise under the chin when zipped completely, other people will find this not being comfortable.

The rain jacket that you purchase ought to not only be for rain protection but it also has to be easy to take good care of it. Breathability is more enhanced in raincoats that have been created from natural fabrics.However, with time they lose on their waterproofing capability due to clogging of oils and dirt to the surface.

To conclude, you can be able to save money that would have otherwise be spent on maintaining the raincoat if you ensure that you only buy a raincoat from well-recognized stores and that you carefully read the instructions at the back of the raincoat.

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