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Looking On The Bright Side of Writing

Important Details on Character Development.

You do not need a whole paragraph to put down the issues you will discuss in your novel. However, you should not forget that you will require a lead character. You can decide on the name very easily but remember that you have to develop the character fully. The bestsellers will most definitely have characters people can relate to. It does not matter whether the genre is allegory, futuristic or even fantasy. The best superheroes are those that are knowable. You need to introduce your lead character as early as possible. Including the name of the lead character in the introduction chapter is crucial because it means helping the readers understand them better. The lead character should take the stage first and the name might help shape how the readers seem him. You want to make sure the character’s name is not just interesting but also memorable. You want to avoid names that are outrageous or even quirky. Unless you are going for a melodrama, the complex names should be left out. You need a name that helps the reader get an idea of the personality of the character. Not many people will remember the character’s name if it is one of the typical ones. You need to think about ethnicity when naming characters as well.

Different names are more common in particular regions and even historic times and that is another thing you need to consider in your work. Introduce the character to the readers as early as possible. You can have a clear picture of the main character in your mind but this is not something you should be forcing on your readers. To form a clear picture of the character in their minds, readers need to know their physical measurements, the color of their eyes and even hair. However, this does not have to be done all in one sentence. These are aspects which might be brought about as the character takes part in various things or even through dialogue. By just giving hints, the reader will be in a position to envision how he or she wants the lead character to look like.

Make sure the backstory of the main character should be included in the first chapter. You need to go deep when writing this backstory. You need to the readers the parents of the main character, the birthplace and the era or time. You may also pick the names of siblings and their age if any. You should let the reader know whether the character is in school. You may also discuss other important issues in the character’s life like his or her worldview, friends, spiritual life, goals, and also income.

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