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Guide to Preventing and Treating Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a condition which occurs as a result of swelling of the internal and external veins around the rectum. Thrombosed hemorrhoids can be caused by any of the two kinds of hemorrhoids. There are also a type of hemorrhoids that don t bleed. Consult a physician whenever you get a bleeding thrombosed external hemorrhoid. Research suggests that at the age of 50 years, almost 50% of people experience this condition. According to research, at the age of 50 years, almost 50% of people experience this condition. Sometimes, haemorrhoids can go unnoticed. Several factors can cause hemorrhoids as outline below.

One of the cause is sitting in one spot like in an office chair or toilet for a long time without rising. There are individuals who spend a lot of time sitting in the toilet either on the phone or even reading items.

Consuming low fiber foods also cause this condition. With a lower fiber diet, one will have to a strained bowel movement, thus develop hemorrhoids. Blood does not flow correctly when straining during bowel movements. Lifting heavyweight objects and engaging in activities that require much strength also affect the flow of blood.

Hemorrhoids and hemorrhoid rash also occur when a woman is pregnant due to continuous constipation. Due to the enlargement of the uterus during pregnancy, pressure is mounted on the veins of the lower rectum, causing hemorrhoids. Although they are not harmful to the baby or the mother, they are quite uncomfortable and sometimes itchy.

Home remedies for preventing and treating hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are preventable and treatable at the same time. One great way of preventing this condition is to avoid constipation by having the right diet and drinking a lot of water, like 10 glasses of water per day. Diet rich in high fibre will contribute greatly in preventing hemorrhoids. Bowel movement can also be improved by having enough water. Avoid holding long or short calls as this can cause constipation. Laxatives prescribed by a physician can be used as a home remedy for treating constipation to avoid getting hemorrhoids.

Avoid sitting down in one position for a longer period of time so that your blood can flow freely. Sitting for a long period in one position puts pressure on the lower rectal veins, thus causing hemorrhoids.

Take a warm bath as a way of treating hemorrhoids at home. You can it on a basin of warm water for a period of around 15 minutes. Do the warm water procedure for like 2 or 3 times in a day. Keep the rectum area dry to avoid getting the hemorrhoid rash. Hemorrhoid rash can also be caused by wiping the rectum area using wet wipes that contain alcohol as one of the ingredients. Try to have a bath every day and pat dry the rectum area. Do not also use moist toilet papers that contains alcohol.

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