Monday, May 21, 2018
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5 Takeaways That I Learned About Services

This is My Typical Way of Spending the Holidays.

When it comes to holidays we all have our different opinions and how we want to celebrate our holidays. Even though the way we celebrate our holidays may be different there are certain characteristics that are similar. The major common factors include family, food, and tradition. Holidays are the most time that we put aside in order to spend with our families. Looking at food and tradition we find ourselves eating the same food and having the same activities during holidays. We enjoy the tradition that comes with Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday. We find ourselves having the same tastes, smells and same decoration during this time. Even the Thanksgiving Day parade is watched in our pajamas and dinner is served at 3 p.m. to allow for digestion. All these traditions have been done from childhood to adulthood.

For some of us Christmas holiday can never be complete without a pumpkin spice candle. To most, it has to be followed with the old fashioned cinnamon. A couple of people enjoy having the same tradition that they used to have during their childhood and continue to pass it on from generation to generation. The main event is normally during the Christmas Eve. Some individual soft to cook a variety of foods during Christmas Eve. While others do the cooking the rest do snacks throughout during Christmas Eve.

Some of the activities that are involved during this festive season include spreading the reindeer food outside. This is an activity that has been passed on from generation to generation came from my mother to me and now am passing it on to my children. This activity is accompanied by a storytelling session about the reindeer. During Christmas Eve each one of us was allowed to open one gift. This reduced the suspense and the eagerness of opening presents during Christmas day.

Christmas morning is the long-awaited day but people wait for during the festive season. During this time my mum prepares a special breakfast for us and is served while we are in our pajamas. The day is divided into the opening of presents and watching of Christmas stories. During this day we end up having dinner at my brother’s house and enjoy my sister-in-law nice cooking. Usually the menu that she prepares for us is normally the same with very few changes. Christmas day normally ends with peppermint tea served to all of us while we continue chatting and telling stories as we open up our presents. This is how I typically spend my Christmas holidays each year, maintaining the same traditions.